Our plan is to produce a video of all of YOU singing ONE song!  We want as many of you as possible to be involved - whether you participated in Glee last year or 7 years ago, whether you have never been a part of the Glee Club Challenge but love to sing, whether you are a teacher or adult leader, whether you are an individual or socially distanced group!

Participating could not be easier:

You can download from here:


A copy of the backing track (Can't Help Falling In Love from All Shook Up)

A copy of the original song (for reference)

A copy of the lyrics


Just get yourselves in front of a camera and record yourself performing the song to the BACKING TRACK (please record landscape) - remember the rules of Glee - be energetic, be enthusiastic and be in time!! 

Once you have recorded the video (and you are happy with it ) just upload it




If you are under 16 you MUST have your parents permission​. The video will be shared across social media platforms.

THATS ITS  - once we have all the videos we will get to work editing it into one BIG MAHOOSIVE video.

You have until 9pm on FRIDAY 29 MAY 2020  to upload your video!


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