You can choose to enter by sending us a video of your group performing - this can be a video of a specific song worked on for the Challenge or a video of an already staged production eg school show (as long as the majority of performers in the video will be participating in the Challenge)

The song does not have to be perfect nor does it have to be costumed. What we want to see is:

  • The group working together

  • The group showing their vocal ability

  • There must be an element of choreography 

  • We want to see confidence and commitment from the group. 

  • We are not concerned with the quality of the video - dont worry about production values - we want to see your group shine.

Please ensure that you have read the Notes for Guidance and are fully aware of the dates you need to be available BEFORE applying. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

Do you meet the following criteria:

  • Are you up for a challenge?

  • Are you based in London/Essex (or have you previously applied)?

  • Do you have a minimum group size of TEN and maximum group size of THIRTY?

  • Are your group aged 11-25?

  • Are your group enthusiastic, full of energy and willing to learn?

  • Can you commit to the timescales, the Boot Camps/Regional Finals and Grand Final?

  • Are you willing to select and work on two contrasting songs (one of which MUST be contemporary pop)?

If you can answer yes to all of the above then

APPLY HERE - video application only

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