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How to Enter


If you are unable to host an assessment visit you can send us a filmed copy of your entry - if you want to take this option APPLY HERE to find out how 



We can arrange an assessment visit to your group/school by one of our team. Details of how this will work are below:                                                       ​

  • Select and rehearse ONE audition song of your own choosing (don't forget if you get through to the next stage you will have to perform two songs at the Regional Final)

  • On receipt of your application form we will contact you to arrange an assessment visit by a member of our artistic team.

  • The assessment visit will last approx 1 hour.

Read on for further details and application link!

Children Singing in a Choir

At the assessment visit we will use your chosen song as the basis of the session.  At this stage the song does not have to be perfect or complete, but in a good enough shape that the group are able to sing all (or part of) it. Through games/exercises, we will look at:

Pitch / Ability to follow dynamics / Ability to listen to others / Rhythm  /Movement / Performance / Willingness of the group to get involved and learn

The session will be fun and interactive and an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to see how we work and what the programme is all about.

​At the end of this session you will be asked to perform the song again.  This will be an assessment performance. ​This assessment performance will be marked by the member of our team and will be ranked against the other visits we make.  This assessment will form the basis of your entry, and it is from this visit that we will decide if you proceed further in the competition.

The assessment visits will take place shortly after you complete the application form - we will do our best to fit in with your availability.  Remember you must have rehearsed one song PRIOR to the assessment visit.

Please also ensure that you have read the NOTES FOR GUIDANCE and are fully aware of the dates you need to be available BEFORE applying.


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