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What to Expect

The Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge is all about making the most of performance opportunities for young people.  The Challenge has a number of stages prior to the Grand Final.

Please ensure you read the 


before entering


Application can either be by video entry or by hosting an assessment

visit by one of our team.


We will use the application process to select groups based on potential, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and availability.

Regional Boot Camp 

If you are successfully selected you will attend one of our boot camps.  These will last for half a day and will be on a weekend in various venues in London/Essex. Prior to bootcamp we will ask you to work on two CONTRASTING songs that you wish to perform.  The songs must be sung and include movement. At boot camp you will meet our artistic team who will work with you on the songs.   We have three specialist tutors and you will visit each of them in turn for around 40 minutes. Each tutor focusses on a specific area of expertise - vocal and movement performance and team building. They will offer advice and guidance on your song choice and performance.  You will also get to meet some of the other groups participating.

Regional Final

We will hold Regional Finals throughout London/Essex.  Each Regional Final will see 10-12 groups performing for a place in the Grand Final.  The top placed groups from each Regional Final will go on to the Grand Final. The Regional Final is a full day commitment with technical rehearsals from around midday running all the way through to showtime at 7pm.  It is a great performance experience for the young people and we work to make it as enjoyable and professional an experience as possible. 

Grand Final Boot Camp

Should you be one of our final twelve groups you will attend another Boot Camp. At this Boot Camp you will perform your two numbers in front of the other groups and will receive practical and positive critique from the Artistic Team. We will also start to plan your lighting and sound requirements for the Grand Final. This Boot Camp is a half day commitment.

Grand Final

The big day!  The day will run exactly the same as the Regional Final but at a much much bigger venue!  Each group will perform both of their songs in front of our panel of celebrity judges/patrons and a large crowd.  A Champion/Runner Up and Third Place will be chosen as well as an Artistic Team award for the group that the team thinks has show the most improvement.

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